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    PORTES OUVERTES                                       

                                   Campus des Sicaudières 

                        Station d'Evaluation Charolais de Bressuire



              7 MARS 2014 à 14 HEURES

Présentation des animaux présents à la vente de  la Station d'Evaluation Charolais de Bressuire du 14 mars 2014 (voir programme ci-dessus)


Gesco : a trumb card for the Charolais breeders !

  • GESCO is a group of pedigree charolais breeders of Western France who want to promote their stockfarming and products ;
  • GESCO arranges sales to diffuse genetic improvement and enable breeders to meet ;
  • GESCO helps its members to choose their breeders ;
  • GESCO takes charge of the selecting and commercializing of bulls at the Bressuire Evaluation Breeding Centre.
  • The staff :  Albert MERLET, president Olivier JEHANNO, host

Gesco - 2008-2010 - Crédits : Zephyr